What are Good Specifications for a Laptop – 11 Point List

What are Good Specifications for a Laptop

What are Good Specifications for a Laptop, if this is the question on your mind, then you are at the right place for a solution to your question?

Over time new innovations in technology have emerged. Today’s laptops are radically different from the laptops you had available until a few years ago. Similarly, software applications are getting better with time, which you have to upgrade your laptop for a while to use.

If you want to buy a good laptop, you need to know its basic features. In this article, we will tell you in detail what are the features of a good laptop.

Laptops have become a necessity these days because of their easy use. Whether you want to use a laptop lying in the bedroom or sitting on the sofa, you have no problem.

So without wasting any time we take you to the laptop spec list so you can find the laptop you want.

What are Good Specifications for a Laptop?

You need to keep your needs in mind before selecting a laptop. For example, if you want to buy a gaming laptop, you need a good graphics card along with processor speed.

If you are a businessman or traveller, all you need is a laptop with a good battery backup. Similarly, each user’s needs are different. After reading this article, you will be in a position to buy a good laptop, which will fulfil your needs.

Laptop Specifications List

Here are the latest laptop configuration you must keep in mind before buying your laptop. Let’s go to the Laptop Specifications List without any delay.

1. Laptop Processor (Core i5 or above)

The first and foremost in the Laptop specifications list is Processor. It is a fundamental part of the laptop. Laptop speed depends on a good processor. The best processors are made by Intel Company. All your work depends on the speed of the processor. The better your processor, the easier it will be for you to do your job.

The best processors made by Intel so far are Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9.  Core i7 and Core i9 are considered best for gaming and high-end tasks. If you are a basic user then you can choose Core i3 or Core i5 according to your need. The price of the laptop varies with processor generation.

2. System Memory (8 GB or above)

RAM is the temporary memory of your laptop. The more RAM you have, the more task you can perform at the same time. If you’re a graphic designer or game enthusiast, you’ll need more RAM. Nowadays the standard RAM of 8GB is being used.

RAM is not an expensive part therefore, we recommend using 8GB RAM or more.

3. Hard Drive (256 SSD / 1TB HDD)

Another important piece of the notebook that you should know before buying is a hard disk drive. There are two types of hard disks. One is called HDD and the other is called SSD.

HDD can store a lot of data and is available at a much lower cost than SSD hard disk. But as far as data transfer is concerned, SSD is no match.

SSD reduces your battery consumption and works faster than HDD. Nowadays there are laptops available in the market that have both hard disks. We would also recommend you to have same type of laptop so that you can save more data on your disk along with speed.

4. Graphic Cards (4GB or above)

If you like good graphics, then the most important part of a laptop is a graphic card. There are basically two types of graphic cards, one is called an integrated graphic card and the other is called directed graphic card.

Integrated graphic cards are usually sufficient for your day to day use. They are built-in and cost no extra money. But if you are a graphic designer or video editor then this does not meet your needs.

On the other hand, dedicated graphic cards are quite expensive and you have to buy them separately. We will recommend you if you are a graphic artist or video editor then dedicated graphic Card is right for you.

5. Battery Life (6 hours plus)

A laptop is a portable device and a good battery backup is the main feature of the laptop. Nowadays، every good brand is giving up to eight hours of battery backup in their laptops. So be sure to take care of battery backup when you choose your laptop.

It will give your ability to survive up to eight hours without any external power source, which is quite reasonable.

6. USB Type C Cable

The USB port is an integral part of any laptop. You cannot charge a laptop from a normal USB port. For this purpose, you need a USB type C port. From this port, you can not only charge the laptop but also do the data transfer. These ports are only available on the latest laptops.

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7. Touch Laptops (Optional)

Over time the laptop has undergone considerable innovation. Nowadays touch screen laptops are quite popular. You can open any laptop function with your fingertips. The use of a touch screen laptop is just like your smartphone. If you do not like to use a mouse, we suggest you to get a touch screen laptop.

8. Optical Drive (DVD RW)

DVD & CD drives are called optical drive. An optical drive is a must if you want to install Windows from CD or DVD or preserving your data. There are two types of DVD are available in the market. You can choose them according to your own need.

9. Screen (1920 x 1080)

The screen is the main display area of the laptop. Size of the screen varies from laptop to laptop. There are two types of screens are available in the market LCD and LED screens. As far as display and battery consumption is concerned, LED screens are a much better choice.

You can select them according to your requirement like graphic designer or video editors need bigger sized screens, however, a normal user or a student can use standard screen laptops.

10. Ethernet and WiFi

The last important component in the Laptop Specifications List is Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi ports are commonly available in modern laptops to stay connected to the internet. Ethernet ports are exclusively used for Landline connections however, Wi-Fi is used for wireless connectivity.

11. Operating System (Windows / Mac)

You may also choose a laptop which has a Pre-installed operating system. Some companies provide you with an option to select a laptop with Windows Basic or Pro version with additional features like anti-virus, office suite etc.

This is not that much important to stand on. It is an option, if provided by the seller otherwise go ahead with your laptop specifications list.

Concluding Words

The laptop is a costly item hence, you should have enough knowledge in choosing your Laptop. It is highly recommended that you should keep in mind the Laptop Specifications List according to your work requirements. By doing this, you can choose your desired laptop without difficulty. This is all what you need about what makes a good laptop.

We have made our concerted efforts to answer your questions for what are good specs for a laptop, however, it entirely depends on user requirement. This is the latest and most authentic information related to laptop specifications list.

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