Toshiba Vs Lenovo Laptops – Which One Is Better?

Toshiba Vs Lenovo Laptops 2021

Which One Is Better?

We do our best to tell you which Toshiba vs Lenovo laptop is better in this article.

Toshiba Vs Lenovo Laptops 2021 Lenovo and Toshiba are well-reputed brands in the laptop producing industry. However, the past has been fairly quiescent in the recent past, since 2016. Lenovo is going to sky in the terms of new manufacturing. They are launching advanced technology-based new laptops one after another with the collaboration of its different sub-brands.

On the other hand, Toshiba is no dominating anymore to fulfil space in the computing world. The current situation raises some important questions in mind. Does Toshiba has been completely gone and out and will not come back again? Are Toshiba laptops have no comparison and match Lenovo’s offerings? Not at all, there is a huge competition between both reliable brands in the terms of the performance of their laptops.

Let us do the Toshiba VS Lenovo laptops confrontation. We will briefly look at the past and present of these companies and will find out how they are faring nowadays. After this brief discussion, you will be able to choose top-class laptops for your requirements.

Personally, I feel that it’s always best to try before you buy. For this reason, I recommend going into a store and getting hands-on experience with both laptop brands. I personally use Lenovo because it has easier cursor control than Toshiba and does not give me any errors when installing new apps. But the bottom line is preference–find what you think is best for your lifestyle and spend your money there!

Wikipedia reports that Lenovo has 24.9% of the global market share while Toshiba has less than 5%, clearly showing which company has more market share.

Lenovo and Toshiba Company Overviews

We have to across through longer history if make a comparison between the most famous laptop companies Lenovo and Toshiba. The long-lasting journey of Toshiba starts in 1875 through an amalgamation deal. On the other hand, Lenovo was launched in 1984 in Beijing, China.

Nowadays, after a long period, both companies have gained a top rank repute in the computer world. Toshiba is a Japanese corporation that gives a collection of different laptop products and other electronics-related services, such as accessories, social infrastructure systems, power systems equipment, communications systems and, household appliances, information technology, electronic components, and consumer electronics. 

The Chinese technology based Lenovo develops makes and designs different types of computers, electronic devices, smart televisions, smartphones, and some IT management software.

When we come to the sale of the laptop, the Lenovo is above the Toshiba and is the biggest personal laptop and its related accessories and equipment vendor in the world. They are not only producing traditional laptops but also the ThinkBook, ThinkPad, business notebook lines, consumer notebook lines including Yoga, IdeaPad, and Legion.

Comparison of Present Business

Toshiba has not been producing laptops in current years. The company decided to keep focus only on business buyers, that’s why they abandoned the consumer notebooks industry altogether in 2016. But in Japan, the users may still manage to use a new Toshiba laptop.

On the other side of the picture, the buyers outside Japan the company continue to sell its laptops products to the computer seller companies in the United States of America and European Countries. The reason behind the inactivation of Toshiba in the market is the 1.2 billion USA dollars accounting scandal that occurred in 2015.

On the other hand Lenovo, the company is in the peak position in the laptop-making industry since 2019. They have been doing a great job with reliable products for years. They never compromised on the quality, frequency, and consistency of their products that’s why they are with a huge growth of most famous laptops among the consumers. Lenovo deals with different types of laptop buyers and produces quite a few of them.

Their laptops are more portable with limited volume and do not crowd the space too much. The company has been intelligently categorized its products so that buyers do not have to sieve through all their models. Since Lenovo is selling its business laptops under the ThinkPad brand, business buyers are not allowed to check the entire laptop portfolio to get their hands on the right device. On the other side, the non-business buyers and the users who want a laptop for their routine use, 

The company sells laptops under the Lenovo V, Legion, IdeaPad, and Yoga series. Reiterating the technology and frequency with which the company launches a new variant of a vacant model, they have been producing a new ThinkPad X1 Carbo since 2012. The technology can vary from year to year. Their X1 Carbon isn’t the only ThinkPad that Lenovo has given to its consumers, but produces almost 30 to 40 new laptops every year. When we compare Lenovo with a leading company Apple, it hardly gives only a couple a year.

The Durability Comparison of Toshiba and Lenovo Laptops

The advanced technology has changed the manufacturing technique of laptops then the current producing setups are churning out great designs. That’s why, regarding durability, the laptop producing companies are rambling products that were made a few years ago.

For example, a Toshiba product in 2011 may be a lot more durable and solidly as compare to a Lenovo laptop made in 2019 or 2020. This is only because companies are getting their laptops thinner and lighter.

They are focusing on portability as compared to other features. If we go a few years back, thin and the light was considered premium but in present have become the norm. Even ThinkPads that were with robust and heft design are becoming thinner and lighter.

 On the other hand, Lenovo is continuously determined to maintain the right balance between design and durable structural integrity in their ThinkPads. The consumers’ feedback shows that the Lenovo laptops are more durable as compare to Toshiba. The Lenovo laptops are more demanding than the Toshiba products, and the reason is more durability.

Does Purchasing a Toshiba Laptops Make Sense, Now?

Being an individual user, the Toshiba laptops you will mainly probably find your hands on now are the ones that are snippets from some years earlier. These were brand-new computing machines but not essentially cutting-edge.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to buy a laptop that is few generations old in the terms of its specifications, you can move ahead and buy as Toshiba would still swathe them under full manufacturer warranty for up to three years or more. As a laptop company, Toshiba is taking into consideration re-entering the American business on the laptop market as Dynabook.

If you are with an older Toshiba laptop, Dynabook will honour warranties on those computers according to the rules and regulations of the mother brand. But, it can purchase, we recommend you buy a Lenovo laptop as the brand’s repair services and warranty are not under some hesitation are hurdles, unlike Toshiba.

What is the Toshiba Giving to the Consumers under the Dynabook Brand Name?

In 2019, Toshiba entered the American laptop market 2019 and gotten a big space among consumers even after the massive financial scandal that took place in 2015. The newest Toshiba laptops will not be introduced as Toshiba products anymore because Sharp owns Toshiba partly.

The current company is anticipated to commence a veer of laptops under the brand name Dynabook. To be exact, there would be approximately 11 different laptops products launched on the market since 2019. Still, the laptops under the Dynabook brand look like the devices that were made in 2016 under Toshiba. With a huge honking bezel, non-attractive various colour schemes, sequential ports, DVD drives, and other important features are the same as were earlier.

These computing devices will be mainly sold as endeavour laptops, which kind of explain their looks and performance. So, the consumers still can taste the same value of top-class performance as were by the Toshiba laptops.

What Lenovo is giving to its Consumers in 2021?

As the biggest computer manufacturer in the world, Lenovo laptops are available everywhere in all regions. The most popular laptops of this more reliable company are ThinkPad laptops, which are the very first priority of businessmen across the globe. Also, the Yoga hybrids are ideal for varying computing requirements in routine life.

Doesn’t matter whatever your budget and needs, you may find the Lenovo laptops with comfort and ease within your specified limited budget.

They are well maintaining the combination of expensive and inexpensive laptops on the market. But, they never compromised on the quality and performance of their computing devices. Consumers can enjoy the top-class processing experience even using inexpressive laptops. At the present time, Lenovo is giving the most affordable laptops to its customers. Their devices offer the right blend of performance and specifications.

If you are with a purchasing budget of up to 1000 USA dollars, the Yoga 720 is the best device with all in one option for your heavy tasks. It is a fully hybrid computing device that comes with tablet versatility and a raw laptop. It has all high-end laptop specs and unique capabilities including a lid that can be rotated across 360 degrees, JBL stereo speakers for high-class sound, and a fingerprint scanner for advanced security features to save the laptop from unwanted use.

You can find a huge range of laptops having tremendous power and match the ThinkPad. These devices also offer the leading battery life, high power computing mechanism, complex security system, a slew of connectivity ports, and an extremely modern look. The more attractive thing is their affordability in a limited price range.


Toshiba and Lenovo are both well-known companies in the laptop industry. Both are giving top-class computing devices to their consumers. At present, Toshiba is not directly giving the laptops to the customers on the international market but still in Japan. On the other side, Lenovo laptops are available all over the world.

You may have noticed that the Toshiba and Lenovo laptops are very similar. They both offer a variety of laptop configurations, they’re both well-known brands with decades of experience in the industry, and they’re similarly priced within a few hundred dollars. Which is better? We have answered this question for you so make your decision based on what factors matter most to you. We hope our article has helped narrow down your options so you can make an informed choice about which one is best for you!

Toshiba is a Japanese brand and Lenovo belongs to China. We recommend you to go for your requirements without preferring the brand name. Identify the specifications and choose a laptop for your needs. In the end, we wish you the best of luck in your future.

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