How to Connect PS4 to Laptop with HDMI (Step by Step Guide)

How to Connect PS4 to Laptop with HDMI

If you want to know how to connect PS4 to Laptop with HDMI then you are at the right place.  If you have purchased an HDTV, PlayStation 4, or HD-DVD or Blue-ray how to connect ps4 to laptop with HDMI.

 Player, you may have heard of HDMI. It seems like just one of many connections on a TV or home theater receiver. But HDMI is not only a port on the back of a TV (and usually a costly cable inside). This connectivity is a set of rules that allow high-definition electronic devices to communicate.

Let us know how to connect PS4 to Laptop with HDMI but let us know a little bit about HDMI first. Before the development of high-definition televisions, most televisions displayed pictures in what is now known as standard definition.

The image is roughly square-4:3 aspect ratio. Its resolution or the number of dots that make up the picture on the screen is approximately 704 x 480 pixels. The pictures are interlaced-each moving image is actually half of a movie, but these pictures change so quickly that the human brain doesn’t notice. Finally, old-fashioned televisions rely on analog signals, which propagate as changing currents.

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HDTV, on the other hand, is digital. They use one and zero forms of information. This information travels through the cable as a unique electrical pulse. The aspect ratio of HDTV is 16: 9, so the image is rectangular. They also have higher resolutions-the current HDTV standard allows resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. HDTV signals can also be progressive, which means that each frame of a moving image is a complete picture, not half of it.

As a result, HDTVs have more full screens, more pixels, and faster refresh rates than standard TVs. Generally, HDTVs can display more colors than older TVs. This high result display means that HDTV requires more data and more data than standard definition TV. If the HDTV can receive this information digitally, it won’t have to spend time or processing power to convert the signal to an analog format.

This problem leads us to HDMI. The HDMI standard is a set of guidelines for establishing high-bandwidth connections between any digital devices. With the right settings, HDMI can play an essential role in home theater systems. The current standard can transmit 1080p high-definition signals and supports eight channels of uncompressed audio, which is sufficient for 7.1 surround sound systems. HDMI can reduce the number of cables required to connect components and even the number of remote controls needed to watch movies.

But there is a trap. To take full advantage of what HDMI has to offer, all components of a home theater must be compatible with it. Some features touted by HDMI do not yet exist in the consumer market. Also, there is a limit on the length of the HDMI cable, and some users complain that the limit is too short of supporting convenient settings. Do you want to play PS4 on Laptop?

In this article, we will discuss in detail how you can play PS4 on Laptop Screen or How To Play PS4 On A Laptop Screen With HDMI and can you connect ps4 to a laptop or not. And if you can play ps4 on the laptop screen then How you will connect ps4 to the laptop?

Can You Hook PS4 to Laptop for Display?

If you are a game fan, then you will like the features and power of ps4. The gaming console is fun. You can enjoy hours of high-resolution games, choose from hundreds of gaming options, and play for hours. Whether you like action games, strategy games, or want to run rampant and kill omnipresent zombies, you will find ps4 to be overwhelmed. So what about compatibility?

Sometimes, when someone is watching a TV show, there is no screen available in your home, or the worst case, when you put on a game cap, and the TV needs service! In this case, you may want to know that can you hook up a ps4 to a laptop as a PS4 display. This connectivity will allow players to take action directly with their computer without having to wait to turn on the TV again!

It’s not just connecting the game console’s cable to your laptop, and you can start playing games. If it’s that simple, then everyone is doing it for the connection from PlayStation to the laptop. Is it possible to establish this connection? The answer is yes, it is possible, but it is a tricky process, and you need to think twice when making the connection.

 How to Connect Your PS4 On a Laptop Screen With HDMI

For those who have no idea about turning a laptop into a display for gameplay, playing a PS4 on a laptop screen can be a tricky business.

Consider each step from the initial stage, and let us do the tricky work for you. And try to browse every critical aspect that you need to consider when playing PS4 easily on your laptop screen.

The game play demonstrated on a laptop screen that requires a laptop for video input. Video input is unlikely to occur in most laptops, which is a complicated thing to decode for the correct solution to this problem.

Just connect an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable to your laptop and consider getting ready for game screening.

But this is not so simple, because HDMI is not a two-way connection. Instead, HDMI is a unidirectional connection. So how will you connect your ps4 to laptop HDMI? The HDMI port on the PS4 is an output port, and the HDMI port on a laptop is also an output port.

So unless you don’t know the information you need, connecting them won’t take you anywhere.

Then you will quickly get the ideal result you want to play games on your laptop.

In this article, you will find two different ways to play PS4 (PS4 to laptop HDMI) on a laptop screen with HDMI, and there are some other ways to help you get the job done quickly.

How to use a laptop as a display for Sony PS4?

You need a laptop-compatible video input to play PS4 games, but in most laptops, such connection options are not available. If you think you can easily decode the solution to this problem, you need to learn more. You can’t just connect an HDMI cable to your laptop and start playing games on your laptop’s screen. The HDMI connection is unidirectional and does not support bidirectional connections. Both the laptop and ps4’s HDMI ports are output ports, so you can’t establish a connection between them and get anything on the laptop screen.

How to connect ps4 to laptop with HDMI

Your console is available with Sony Remote Play, a tool that lets you play ps4 on your laptop. Now you want to connect ps4 to the laptop. The system allows remote connection to the PS4, and you can easily enjoy gaming. Just like the first setup method, you need a laptop, a game console, a USB cable, and an account set up on the PlayStation platform. For this arrangement to work, your Internet connection should be a high-speed Internet.

You also need the LCD screen at hand. Before setting on the laptop, you need to make some ps4 system settings.

You need to download the latest remote playback application compatible with laptops with Windows or Mac operating systems from the Sony website. The application will come with the installer, and you can easily download the application.

After installation, open ps4 settings to enable “Remote Play Connection.” You can access the game’s network by activating the PS4 or leaving it at rest options. If you are not sure that the console is in sleep mode by default, you can check it by entering the power saving setting. If the console is not in sleep mode, you can set it to rest method in the settings.

Turn on Enable Power On to run PS4 from the network. Open the remote application on your laptop and find the setup options on that application. Here you can set the ideal 720p resolution setting.

Turn on Enable Power On to run PS4 from the network. Open the remote application on your laptop and find the setting options on the application. Here you can set the ideal 720p resolution setting. Connect the controller to the computer with a USB cable. You can pair the controller with a laptop by plugging in a USB adapter and holding it down for a few seconds.

On the Remote Play app, you will see the start button, and when you click the button, you will go to the Play Station login screen on the network, and the app will select your ps4 in the system. This way, you can play games on your laptop. Now you know how to connect PS4 to laptop.

Problem: The HDMI Port Is Damaged, And The HDMI Cable Is Faulty

It may not be exclusive to PS4 or widely used, but some users have reported problems caused by a damaged HDMI port on PS4 devices. This problem results in insufficient audio or video output on the TV, usually caused by a blocked connection due to metal bending in the console’s built-in HDMI port. Although the cause of the bent component is unclear, the port is effectively incompatible because the curved piece can no longer appropriately connect with the HDMI cable. Also, there are reports that a faulty HDMI cable simply does not work for some reason.

This issue has been resolved in subsequent shipments of the PS4 after the console has started, but if you buy a used device or encounter an HDMI issue, you still want to find possible answers below. However, we recommend you to must-see the problems that damaged your HDMI Cable before the solution.

Causes of PS4 HDMI Port Problems

There may be several reasons for PS4 encountering HDMI port issues, including:

  • The HDMI cable pulled out unexpectedly.
  • Dirt and dust accumulate in the ports, causing video transmission damage and errors.
  • The pins of the HDMI cable inserted too hard, and the pins were bent.
  • The HDMI chip on the PS4 motherboard is malfunctioning.

The Solution of The Damaged HDMI Port

If neither of the following two possible solutions resolves the issue, try contacting Sony. Although it has not confirmed, once the problem is confirmed, Sony is likely to send you a free replacement cable within a few days.

  • Check HDMI Ports—Also, check the HDMI ports on the TV and PS4 and the HDMI cable for any noticeable anomalies or damage. If possible, try testing another HDMI cable.
  • Bend metal—If you can see a piece of metal bent up in the console’s HDMI port, use a pin or gadget to bend the damaged part down. Also, make sure the port does not hit any teeth or cause any other damage to the HDMI cable. If this is the problem, you may still want to contact Sony and ask for a replacement, even if the console starts to work.
  • Use another HDMI cable-If you are sorry that you cannot receive the wrong HDMI cable from Sony, simply use another existing cable or buy a new one.


These are essential facts and guides to help you understand how to connect ps4 to your laptop screen through HDMI. I hope I have described well about HDMI and its use and now you know how to connect PS4 to Laptop with HDMI. And now you can connect your PS4 with the laptop screen. I can guarantee that it will help you understand all the basics of this query. You should pay attention to every little detail about the connection of the PS4 to your laptop for a wealth of knowledge.

If you still have any queries, then you can ask the same from us. We are here to search the solutions related to HDMI that our visitors face. We always try best to share our own experience, and we feel happy to receive comments from our visitors and if they share their stories of the problem and about how they find the solution to that problem with us.

We will also share our more stories and research about HDMI cables and ports. Your comments are precious to us. If you can find any solution to your problem through this blog, then this is honor and motivation, and it will keep us busy to find better solutions for your questions and issues.

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