5 Best Way “How to Charge Laptop with Another Laptop 2021”

How to Charge Laptop with Another Laptop

Do you want to know how to charge laptop with another laptop ? Then you are in the right place. Imagine you are going out to any other city or town to spend the holidays. Maybe you’re going to a friend’s wedding or a family trip to the beach, or camping with friends. You decide to take your laptop with you because, during downtime, it can stream movies, do some work and connectivity with your boss, or play PC games. A laptop can make you feel at home when you’re away. The question is how to charge laptop with another laptop if your laptop battery drained out. 

Unluckily! When unpacking in a hotel room, you may find yourself forgetting to pack your laptop charger (or worse, you accidentally put it in an airport power outlet). Your laptop has only 15% power left, so it looks like you won’t need it for this trip. That vital business conversation to the boss will have to wait. Now how to charge a laptop

But wait! It doesn’t have to be that way. Believe it or not, you can charge your laptop without a standard laptop charger. It’s effortless, and if you’re a 21st-century compatriot and you have to carry your laptop with you on the road, you should learn how to do it.

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How to Charge a Laptop with USB

How to Charge a Laptop with USB

One of the essential accessories for a laptop includes a charger. The laptop is charged by a power source connected to these chargers.

However, with technological innovation, new ways should be developed to charge laptops other than chargers. An emerging method is to charge laptops via a USB port. This solution is the same as using a mobile power bank to charge your phone. However, the case with laptops is that they have many ports, and none of them can use for charging purposes. These ports are used to power other devices, such as mobile phones, or to transfer data between devices. It would help if you had a laptop that charge via USB C

B-type and C-type ports have recently been introduced in laptops, which allow the laptop to charge via a USB cable. The power bank is used to power notebook computers via USB Type-C. Mobile power should have the ability to provide the required power between 60W-100W when the current notebook computer is powered by 20V. If the rated voltage of the mobile power supply is less than the rated voltage of the laptop, it will be useless. Therefore, together with the Type C USB charger, the rated voltage of the power supply is also essential.

How to charge laptop with HDMI? 

How to charge laptop with HDMI?

To charge a laptop using HDMI, we need to connect the Type C USB and HDMI cables to the laptop using an adapter. Type C ports are also standard in mobile phones. Therefore, we can charge the notebook computer by connecting the C-type port of the laptop with the C-type port of the mobile phone through the data cable. Although the power provided is not that high, it can help at critical moments.

To avoid emergencies or damage to the lost charger while traveling, buy a laptop with at least a Type-C port. With the focus on USB4, it is clear that USB-C will remain the standard for the next few years.

Take Advantage of Your Car Battery

Another reason you might need to charge your laptop without a traditional charger is if you spend a lot of time on the road, especially if your work requires driving all day and using your PC all day. 

The most obvious way is to buy a power inverter. These devices can be plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter socket and can be used to operate equipment that requires 300 watts of continuous power. It is not enough to run a power tool, but it is enough to operate a laptop. The disadvantage of this method is that you have a clumsy large power inverter on the floor of your vehicle. The good thing is that it’s suitable for beginners and it’s easy to take your laptop out of the car when you’re not doing work.

Another method is to hard-wire the laptop into the car. Although this does not make it easy for you to remove it at least without buying a second charger for use at home, this is the right choice if you want to install a laptop in your car.

This solution is where it gets tricky. Most devices designed for automotive use have a built-in voltage regulator that reduces the battery voltage as needed. The laptop is designed to use its native AC adapter but does not have this feature. So to hard-wire a laptop safely in this way, you need to know what the DC voltage is to accept. Then, instead of connecting it directly to the fuse box, you need to connect it to the voltage regulator before inserting it into the fuse box. Don’t forget to set the regulator to the proper voltage. Otherwise, it won’t help you much.

Use of Cell Phone to Charge Laptop

Use of Cell Phone to Charge Laptop

As the last way to charge in an emergency, most current smartphone models can use as a backup power source. Your smartphone battery consumes less power than your laptop battery. This solution brings two apparent disadvantages to the method of charging mobile phones.

First, even if you completely drain your smartphone’s battery, your charging time will not exceed 30 minutes. This time it is not enough to get a lot of work done. Second, if you completely drain your smartphone’s battery, you can effectively replace one old battery with another. That is, if you are in a car, you can easily plug in your smartphone to charge it later.

So, how to use this method? First, you need to use a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. Next, connect your phone to your laptop and find your phone’s USB settings, depending on whether you are using Android or iOS. Either way, you need to choose a power option. Once this is complete, your smartphone battery will soon drain, and your laptop’s battery will be restored.

Obviously, this is the final solution and not a good plan for daily use. If you want frequent power outages, a better idea is to use a dedicated battery pack designed for the task. The mobile phone method is still an effective way to get rid of a pickle.

Use an Extra Laptop Battery

We will share an explosive industry secret: laptop makers like to make money. That’s why they started doing business! But this also means that they are usually happy to sell spare parts. If you are concerned about the need for extra juice on the go, a second battery can save you a lot of time.

To quickly charge a spare battery, you may want to consider purchasing an external battery charger. These devices can be plugged into a wall, and laptop batteries can be inserted directly into them. This way, you can connect your laptop into a power source to charge the main battery and use an external charger to charge the backup battery. Keep in mind that, just like your main charger, the external charger will be particular to a specific brand, and often appropriate to a specific series of laptops. Make sure you buy the right model for your laptop.

How to Charge Laptop with Another Laptop

Laptop to laptop charging is not directly possible. However, we have another simple solution to this problem. Put your laptop battery on another laptop, charge it, and put it back in your laptop. Just make sure the battery voltage is the same as the original battery of the laptop you are charging. If it doesn’t fit, don’t use it forcibly, it’s better not to risk screwing another laptop too.


We have discussed the laptop battery issues and a question about how to charge laptop with another laptop. Today, a working laptop is a vital part of our lives. When the laptop stopped working, we began to worry that part of life had stopped. In this article, we discussed the issue of laptop chargers and how to replace laptop charger with any other charging device. Laptop power cords are essential for laptops. Take care to avoid damaging the laptop battery.

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