3 Simple Methods – How to Charge Laptop in Car 2021

How to Charge Laptop in Car

You can charge compact devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, and more in your cars nowadays. Moreover, some vehicles even boast wireless charging pads to charge high-end smartphones.

However, you may ask yourself how to charge a Laptop in the car?

Because no laptop adapter can help you out, and there is nothing to charge your Laptop. So if you’re late (to an important meeting or presentation) and forget to charge your Laptop, you may face a terrible experience, wouldn’t it?

That’s why in this article, I will show you some useful methods about “how to charge laptop in the car.” 

Most of you may wonder if you can even charge your Laptop in your car?

Short answer, yes!

The long answer is, it includes a bit of science.

You use a car with a 12V power socket (also called a cigarette lighter), which can use to power smartphones and tablets with a car adapter.

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Charge a laptop in the car without an inverter is not possible. You must need an inverter to charge a laptop

However, as the name suggests, a 12V power outlet only provides 12V DC (direct current) power, while a laptop needs 110 / 220V AC (alternating current) to charge through a charger.

So it would help if you had a power inverter that converts DC to AC, so you can quickly charge your Laptop in your car.

Once you get an adapter for your Laptop, you can charge a running car. Keep in mind that if your car’s engine is not running, you will not be able to charge your Laptop.

Step by Step Guidance about “How to Charge Laptop in Car?”

You can charge your Laptop in a car with a 12V laptop car charger. These are four steps:

  • Make sure you have the necessary adapters to charge your Laptop with your Laptop. Often, you will need to remove the power cord portion of your existing AC adapter and replace it with a DC power cord that fits into the car’s cigarette lighter socket.

You don’t have such an adapter, and you can buy it online at your local electronics store or on sites like Amazon. You may want to buy a universal laptop car charger. If you buy a model-specific adapter, make sure your laptop type is compatible.

  • Plug the end of the adapter with your Laptop.
  • Keep your Laptop in a safe place to avoid any damage. You may place your Laptop into an unoccupied front passenger seat.
  • Just like using a car phone adapter, plug the DC end of the charger into the car’s cigarette lighter. This replaces the step where you would typically plug your Laptop into a traditional wall outlet for charging. After starting the engine, you may see an indicator light indicating that the laptop is charging, depending on the model adapter you purchased.

Will an inverter cause to drain the car’s battery?

The smart and simple answer is “Yes” and “No.” The detailed response to the question is, unless your engine is running and charging the battery, the inverter will quickly drain the battery. Therefore don’t run a small device plugged into the inverter for more than an hour without starting the car and charging the battery. You can connect a more powerful output inverter directly to the vehicle’s battery. It is safe to charge a laptop in a car when then the engine is in running condition.

Does power inverters harmful to your Laptop or car?

Car inverter can convert 12V DC to 110V / 220V AC. It is handy on the go. However, many people will worry about whether the vehicle inverter is harmful to the battery. For all products used in automotive batteries, more or less will have some impact on the battery. Even if you can’t operate properly, the effects on the battery will be even greater. Therefore, all we can do is use the car inverter properly, which will reduce the damage to the car battery.

Here is one more question that may appear in your mind that “Can I charge my laptop with USB in my Car? The answer is yes, you can charge your laptop in a car with a USB port. You may need a car inverter or you can use a music player in your car for the purpose.

The car starts the engine with the battery, and the motor starts to generate electricity after the engine rotates. Part of the electricity generated is used in the engine (mainly spark plugs), and the rest is stored in the battery. When a car battery is fully charged and ready for the drive, excess power is wasted.

The operation of the vehicle-mounted inverter includes two states: the engine starting state and the stopping state. In the starting state, the excess power is ultimately used, which does not affect the car; in the stopping rule, the stored power in the battery is used. Since the car battery is always in the charge-consumption-charge-consumption state, supplying a small amount of power to the car inverter will not be affected. Still, it should be noted that the engine should be neutral within 10 to 20 minutes to start generating electricity. Otherwise, the power stored in the battery will be exhausted.

Recommended Laptop Chargers in Car

I have searched and found the following Converters best for charging my own Laptop. You may select any of the following according to your needs.

1. Foval 200W Car Power Inverter

The Universal Laptop charger is lightweight and has only 10.4 ounces weight. Its model number is OT-E-31. The quality of this car charger is fantastic. It is made of refractory ABS material. Tire-shaped car charger, treated with rubber oil, delicate and delicate. It’s just the palm of your hand, the smallest 90W laptop charger you have! With over-current, over-voltage, short circuit protection. Make your life safer.

This car charger inverter is best for your daily use like an outdoor picnic, vacations, road trips, or on the way to the office. You can charge your laptop, cellphone, tablet, or any other electronic product which uses the same power output. We recommend adding this product to your car kit so whenever you need charging on the go you will get it instantly. 

2. CAR Charger 90W 65W 45W – Auto Adapter Power Cord Extra Long 10 Ft

This smart laptop charger has only 11.4 ounces of weight. The very famous manufacturer PWR+ provided the facility to charge multiple laptop devices with this charger. The chargers of PWR+ have extra long 10 feet power cords.  

This PWR+ charger has tested and certified by UL. This charger is compatible with HP laptops, Chromebook 11 14 G1 G3 G4; HP Probook 250 255 430 350 355 440 450 455 470 612 640 645 650 G1 G2 G3; HP EliteBook, Elite X2, Folio, Revolve 745 810 820 830 850 1020 1040 G1 G2 G3; 4540s 4530s 8440p 8460p 8470p; HP Notebook 15, 17 Business; ZBook 14; HP G6 G7 G4 DV4 DV5 DV6 DV6T DV7 DM4 G60 G62 G72 2000 Laptop and other. 

3. BESTEK Car Inverter with 4.2A Dual USB ports

BESTEK power inverter with 2 USB ports and 2 AC sockets is only suitable for DC 12V and cars, not for DC 24V and airplanes. To charge your Laptop, use the 2.1A USB port and keep the other USB port idle. The inverter becomes very hot during use. This is normal. Please avoid placing the inverter in direct sunlight or near heat-sensitive materials. Do not use to power high-power electronic equipment (such as hair dryers, electric heaters); otherwise, the fuse may be blown.

The red color of the charger may match your car color, or it can match inside your car. The weight is 10.1 ounces only.

The Built-in 40 amp fuse protects your equipment. The safe charging design provides protection against overheating.

The durable metal case provides advanced protection against drops and shocks. An intelligent cooling fan system makes the car power inverter very quiet during operation, and the fan runs faster when the device gets hot, or the output power exceeds 70W. You can also enjoy the warranty for 18-months. 

This is the best smartphone/laptop charger available in the iPhone-sized design. With the length of a 24-inch plug, you may use this charger with your type of car. 

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I hope this article addresses your question how to charge a laptop in a car?” and it is very useful for you and now you can choose the right power inverter for charging your laptop.

To provide more information, I have not only presented the best laptop charger, but also the necessary scientific knowledge behind it.

This article helps you to make an informed decision, and it can also help any of your friends. Please ask about this new component in your car.

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