Best toy Laptop for 2-Year-Old

best toy laptop for 2 year old

Various researches explain that the best time for the development of cognitive skills in children is playtime (Chomsky, 2018; Kamran & Mansoor, 2021). Especially, the children with two-year-old and toddlers love to engage themselves in different games and physical activities.

The children scooping towards such types of practices are a clear sign of developing their cognitive processes in a proper manner. Nowadays, children prefer to pretend with the cell-phones, laptops, and video games. If you also want to give your children an electronic toy, it is amazing, and the toy laptops can be the perfect plaything.

To smash with a toy laptop not only allows your children to explore their internal imagination but also develops their social skills. Also, it fine-tunes your child’s hand-eye synchronization along with motor skills. At present, you can find out the online and offline market full of numerous toys including toy laptops. In fact, it can be disorienting and unapproachable for first-time parents to know what the toy laptop is apt for their child.

To give you an accurate idea about the few best toy laptops we have put together the said article with a revealing, informative, and inclusive guide. Hopefully, it will help you to choose the best toy laptop for your inventive little kid. Let’s move towards a guide to purchasing the best toy laptop for 2 years old.

When to Look For When Buying Toy-Laptop

It is relatively difficult for first-time buyers to make the right choice of toy laptops or another electrical toy when a huge range of different products is available in the market.

To give you an ideal toy laptop the best learning laptop for 2-year-olds kids, we are going to explain some contributing factors that you should positively consider. These all factors are relative merits to choose the right toy laptop.

Features and Functionalities

The purpose of a toy laptop is to encourage the imagination and thoughts of kids. The laptop toy for your little munchkin should be brilliantly tinted, has chubby and nice-looking buttons, exclusive playing modes, in-built uploaded music and tunes, phrases and melodies, digital playmates, etc.

The combinations of such features and functionalities shall help in the development of your child’s cognitive skills including hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. So, we suggest you choose the toy laptop that has such type of maximum features.

The Price of the Toy

The first-time buyers include the parents and gift-givers who lean to get conceded away while buying presents for their kids. Although it might be difficult to keep the price in check, it can be an effortful decision and a price ceiling for you. Make a decision for the maximum amount you want to spend and then purchase a perfect toy laptop just within your budget. 

Age of the Child

The types of toy laptops you want to buy also depend on the kid you are buying them for. If you are going to give it to a really young child, the best choice can be the V-Tech Learning Laptop.

It is really chunky, engaging, stimulating, and attractive especially for children of two years old. If your child is with 8-year old, then you should consider an advanced laptop with some special features and functionalities.

Manufacturer of the Toy

The best manufacturers of toy laptops in the market are VTech, LeapFrog, and Fisher-Price. At present, these brands are dominating the market. The products of these brands are of extremely high quality and meet the strict safety standards listed by the CPSC. 

Maintenance and Upkeep

The after-buying services are also the factor that a buyer should consider before purchasing a toy laptop. The majority of consumers prefer rechargeable toy-laptop instead of toys with batteries that required replenish regularly.

You should go for a responsible choice instead of a quick purchase. The toy laptop which can be charged via USB or a lithium-ion battery should be preferred.


The toy-laptop with exceptionally versatile stiles can engage well a young user and 2-year olds kid. The toy-laptop with 2-in1 functionality makes it more realistic and doubly fun for the child.

With the consideration of above all features, we have shortlisted below described toy-laptops for your 2 years old child. Hopefully, one of them can be the best learning tool for your little kid.

List of Best toy Laptop for 2 Year Old

  1. Leap-Fog Leap-Top Touch
  2. V-Tech Brilliant Baby Laptop
  3. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Laptop
  4. LeapFrog My Own laptop
  5. Kidz Delight Infini First Tablet
  6. V-Tech Baby’s Learning Laptop

1. Leap-Fog Leap-Top Touch

At the very first position of our list is the strong and attractive Leap-Fog Leap-Top Touch toy laptop. It gives the buyer an excellent impression on the first look. It is pink-colored built including hinges that are just like a real laptop. It is attached with a nifty little handle for easy grip and makes it portable and convenient for two years baby.

It is a 2-in-1 baby laptop toy with a large digital display that shows the user all letters from the alphabet and 26 accompanying animals. It is furnished with a full-fledged keyboard that guides the kid about all of the alphabets and digits. Furthermore, all the alphabet keys are arranged in the proper order that is very gladding for your 2-year child.

We are sure that you will be impressed by its modification. One can expect the traditional QWERTY keyboard layout to puzzle the kids who are just learning the accompanying animals and alphabets. The most unique feature is its tablet mode. Its display can be turned inside out so your baby can use it like a pretend tablet.

Also, its display is touch-sensitive that functions as a touch screen. The name of your child can be displayed on it due to its proper customized mechanism. This wonderful toy will provide your children a magnificent time to play, and he/they can act and pretend to work on the laptop like parents.

It comes with a digital playmate (an adorable digital puppy called Scout) that provides an opportunity to send pretend emails. It can be the best starting learning tool for a kid’s education because it is uploaded with 5 unique learning modes. These all modes are programmed with different games and lessons, so your child can learn in a fun and appealing manner.

According to ABCs, these modes are numbers alphabetically, including music mode, numbers, interactive games, music mode, and messages mode. It has a huge range of advantages there also a drawback: you will have to buy AAA batteries separately. 

  • It is equally like a toy laptop and tablet.
  • Can be customized to display the child’s name on its upper portion
  • It comes with 5 learning modes for more fun and engaging.
  • It is programmed with digital Scout to avail the “emails” facility
  • Durable, strong, and beautiful
  • Affordable for all
  • Waterproof
  • Traditional QWERTY keyboard
  • Touch-sensitive large display
  • Required separate AAA batteries.

2. V-Tech Brilliant Baby Laptop

If you want to give your child comfortable use of a toy laptop, V-Tech Brilliant Baby Laptop is most prominent. It is adorable in bright colors buttons give the child a user-friendly mechanism. These pretend keyboard buttons are designed in different geometrical shapes including triangles, squares, arrows, etc.

So, your child can learn a wonder with each press. Its parent-friendly features will impress you in all means because it will not disturb you or your guests. You can control its all functions and volume up to a comfortable level. It is uploaded with an automatic shutdown feature so you can prolong the life of the included batteries. It is built with an ABC music mode that can be used to teach the child about alphabets.

Also, it comes with in-built phrases that provide the child more learning ads. When you come to its design, it is more chunky and durable and will ensure that it stays unbroken for a long time. It is easy to hold structure is perfect for the little hands of 2 years baby. In the advanced feature, it comes with a removable mouse that looks like a real mouse.

It is equipped with a light-up screen that will interrelate with the baby user as they press the buttons and move the mouse. So, its keyboard buttons and the screen are wonderful teaching tools to start teaching your child more about animals, shapes, numbers, and alphabets.

Also, the brightly colored buttons make your child able to develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills properly. Remember that to avail these all features, you have to spend more because it is expensive compared to other products in the market.

  • A beautiful and attractive removable mouse just like a real laptop
  • It has brightly colored and attractive buttons
  • Its educational contents are high-quality
  • The design of the toy is durable
  • ABC music
  • It teaches about the animals, shapes, numbers, and alphabets
  • Slightly expensive as compared to other products in the market

3. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Laptop

This unique toy laptop is loaded with some amazing functions and buttons to enhance the cognitive and motor skills of your beloved child. Its buttons along with the soldiers and spinners properly entertained your toddlers. You will fall in love with the Fisher-Price Laugh after a very first look at its so cute and brightly colored buttons.

Just imagine how much fun your little 2-year-old will have with tantalized into pressing each of the buttons of this unique toy. On every push, your baby will get access to a song and phrase for the introduction of primary colors, shapes, alphabets, and numbers.

It is the most prominent and best digital friend of your child by showing a cartoon dog called Puppy! This will not only keep your chilled entertained but also will entice him/her into developing sound social skills. Also, it will teach the user baby how to hold proper conversations.

Its more than 40 songs, phrases, and melodies also keep your little one busy and out of trouble.

  • Forty amazing songs, phrases, and melodies also keep your little one busy and entertained
  • Brightly colored buttons and loads of functions
  • It is loaded with a cute carton digital playmate called Puppy.
  • It helps to develop cognitive, motor skills and coordination
  • Durable and good-looking
  • Affordable for all
  • It’s slightly heavier

4. LeapFrog My Own laptop

If you want to give a top-quality toy laptop to your 2-year-old sweet one then no other can the best than LeapFrog. It is a unique product with some amazing specifications. It is a combination of rich functionalities and a bunch of fun features to keep your child more entertained and skilled.

It is constructed with an appealing and chunky body with a big digital display that looks like a real laptop. It provides an opportunity for to user child to sit down and imagine working on their laptop like the elders. To enhance your child’s skills, it is uploaded with 4 unique learning modes, which teach the child everything about the alphabet, numbers, and game.

Also, it provides the function to keep the child more memorable with 26 fun animal animations.

  • Durable and strong body
  • More learning functions including 26 fun animal animations
  • Full digital large display
  • Equipped with a digital playmate called Scout
  • ABCs, 4 modes for numbers, games, and music
  • Uploaded with 16 melodic songs to keep the child entertained
  • Attractive and chunky body
  • Requires separate on AAA batteries

5. Kidz Delight Infini First Tablet

The kids digital Infini First Tablet is a unique top with amazing built and functions just like a real one. It is brightly colored to draw the attention of 2 years old children. Its 2-in-2 mechanism looks incredibly realistic. To keep your child busier, it is constructed with a shiny and polished monochromatic body.

It is more user-friendly than other products in the market. It is equipped with a touch-sensitive display and a sleek and stylish keyboard. It comes in dual functionality including tablet and laptop, so your child can easily pretend laptop and access all the functions that come with this toy. It is uploaded with a huge range of attractive games, interesting music, melodic sounds that are available with a single touch of buttons on the keyboard.

Also, it provides the facility to learn a few bilingual features including English and Spanish. You can also preserve your native heritage for 2 years old. Its screen is brightly colored with cute icons to develop the child’s eyesight. Overall, it teaches the user child about colors, numbers, alphabets, greetings with a lot of funs and easy functions.

The only drawback with this unique toy-laptop is the durability, and it can be broken within few months.

  • Inexpensive
  • It has a realistic and sleek monochromatic design
  • Completely bilingual including English and Spanish
  • Cute icons stimulate
  • Teaches the child about colors, numbers, alphabets, greetings
  • Toy-laptop is not more durable

6. V-Tech Baby’s Learning Laptop

If you want to give your child a toy laptop that has just started to babble and crawl around then the V-Tech Learning Laptop is most prominent as compared to others in the market. The 2 years old is the age at which children are tremendously energetic with loads of probability to learn.

So, this toy laptop will give something special to the children to enhance their cognitive and learning skills. It comes with a brightly painted body and chunky buttons for more attraction. Its keyboard is made with 9 buttons that are in various shapes and painted in beautiful and inspiring colors.

It is also built with a little knob that functions as a movable mouse which provides the child a function just like a real laptop. To engage the developing senses of the child, it is furnished with flashing lights, brightly colored buttons, and cute sounds. This toy laptop is uploaded with different melodies, 90 beautiful songs, nursery rhymes, amazing lullabies, and phrases that can be used to start your baby’s learning process.

So, we recommend it for young children who are just learning to play with toys. All features are excellent and inviting that will allow your baby to develop in a sustainable manner.

  • Strong construction
  • Multiple functions
  • Bright and colorful buttons
  • More than 90 songs, melodies, and phrases for the learning needs of the child
  • The lights, sound effects, and colors are inspiring
  • Afford in reasonably priced
  • It can be boring for older children


So, basically, it is time to include the introduction of some amazing toy laptops. The toy laptop is the best alternate to other toys for the children which can be helpful to enhance their cognitive and learning skills. To give you a real product with an appealing feature, we have picked out a fantastic toy laptop for your child including all the information you need to have in order.

We would highly recommend the above-described products for your 2 years old child because these all with a child a friendly keyboard, attractive body colors, and multiple interesting functions. By getting one from our list, you can give your child a toy laptop to make-believe and pretend to play in an immersive and engaging manner.

Finally, we wish you the best of luck with your child.

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