Best Laptop for Realtors in 2021

best laptop for realtors

A professional realtor has to experience different situations because it is a demanding job. While dealing with clients to give their dream home demands to find out the latest listing, triumphant negotiations through meetings, traveling, and remain in touch with the real estate market.

This demanding task is not possible without the fastest and portable laptop. Only the “best laptop for a realtor” can make the work easier, progressive, well on time, synchronized, and well organized. To give you such a type of laptop, we have done comprehensive research on more than 80 products of various brands and finalized a list of only 7. Keep one of them to enhance your professional results to double. Hopefully, you will enjoy it a lot when it will make you satisfy. 

List of our Recommended the Best Laptop for Realtors

All laptops have not the same features, specifications, and utilization criteria. A laptop for a specific purpose comes with some specified features to tackle the situation according to professional requirements. Keeping in mind those features are necessary for a realtor laptop we have compiled the below list. So, keep reading to acquire comprehensive knowledge about the topic.

  1. HP Spectre X360-13T (The best product of world-leading brand)
  2. Asus ZenBook 15 (Durable, reliable, and credible laptop especially for realtors)
  3. Lenovo Ideapad L 340 (Unbelievable featured laptop for high performance)
  4. Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Unbeatable performer to handle the multitasks activity)
  5. Acer Aspire 5 (The best under budget laptop with all amazing features)
  6. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Touch Screen (Reliable laptop of most credible laptop company Microsoft)
  7. Huawei Mate Book X Pro (The best design, well-featured and affordable)

1. HP Spectre X360-13T

If you are a busy person and can’t go through the entire list, we have top-listed the most reliable, durable, and affordable laptop to overcome your professional issues. It is a machine built with cram’s valuable features and an appealing design. Its 2-in-1 ability provides you the chance to use it as a PC or laptop.

To enhance the picture quality the HP has built it with 13.3 inches full HD touch screen. The amazing thing is that its screen can be rotated at 360 degrees which is most suitable to show the pictures of your land sites and homes to the clients.

The manufacturer compiled a combination of 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, generous 16 GB RAM, and a sufficient internal 512 GB SSD storage to make it a powerful computing machine.

HP Spectre X360-13T also has a free Stylus Pen which makes the use more convenient. It can be used as a handy to create quick notes from your clients. It is easy to carry with its lightweight only 2.78 pounds. So, you can use it just by feeling a piece of cake in your hand.

Another impressive feature is its powerful battery gives more than 16 hours of working time with a single charge.

Main Features

  • Full HD 13.3 inches display
  • Fastest 8TH generation Intel Core i7
  • Speedy RAM 16GB
  • Sufficient SSD storage 512 GB 
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • More than 16 hours battery timings
  • Only 2.78 pounds
  • Multiple sensors including fingerprint, eCompass, gyroscope, and accelerometer
  • Included stylus pen
  • Powerful battery with long life
  • Sufficient storage
  • HP stylus pen
  • Powerful processor for heavy computing
  • Two thunderbolt ports for connectivity
  • An infrared (IR) camera enhances the security of the laptop
  • Convertible, durable, and reliable with outstanding design
  • A bit uncomfortable keyboard
  • Costly

2. Asus ZenBook 15

One of the most reliable and dependable laptops of Asus is ZenBook 15. It is a masterpiece with a vast range of excellent features. It comes with a lightweight and sleek design that brings almost everything required of a realtor for his/her professional needs.

Asus made it powerful with the fastest combination of an Intel Core i7-10510U CPU, 16 GB of VRAM RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, and 512GB SSD storage. Through this, it provides boosting speed up to a whopping 4.9GHz.

For Ultra HD 4K picture quality it is built with 15.6 inches display. So, you can work with a NanoEdge technology-based (3840 x 2160 pixels) display. Also, it makes work easier with a backlit keyboard and trackpad through the Windows 10 Home edition.

It is built with multiple ports including 3 USB 3.0, 1 USB Type C port, 1 HDMI port, and an SD card reader to provide the users a complete package of connectivity.

On the battery side, it is impressive with more than 7 hours of working time with a single charge.

Lastly, must take it to enhance your professional output because it has and everything required for it.

Main Features

  • Intel Core i7-10510U Processor (1.8GHz)
  • Up to 16 GB RAM
  • Sufficient storage 512 GB SSD
  • Full HD 15.6-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) display
  • Strong and speedy 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q GPU
  • Impressive battery timings up to 7 hours
  • Portable with only 3.6 lbs weight
  • Sleek design
  • Wonderful display
  • Excellent performance with a combination of great features
  • Wonderful graphic
  • Versatile multipurpose connectivity options
  • Customizable track-pad for easy working conditions
  • GPU can be improved

3. Lenovo Ideapad L 340

In 2020, the Lenovo Ideapad L 340 was the runner-up best laptop in the market. Its outstanding combination of different features makes it one of the best laptops for realtors. Gaming and realtors don’t connect to each other in any term but the Lenovo Ideapad L 340 makes them unite on one pint and that is the durability and reliability of this unique computing machine.

For the top performance, Lenovo combined the Intel Core i5-9300H processor, strong 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5-9300 H GPU, 8 GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD memory inside it. So, boosting speed up to 4.1 GHz.

Lenovo has made it a user-friendly device by managing a superior keyboard and master-sensitive touchpad. You can enhance your working speed up to double by using them.

It is a little bit shaky on its weight side. With 4.84 lbs it is heavy in some sense. But, it is not blaming in the presence of the robust hardware, wonderful feature package, and quality builds. 

If you are keen on connectivity ports then Lenovo Ideapad L 340 provides you the facility of 3 USB ports and a full-sized HDMI port. Its battery is much power with more than 9 hours of working time, and the super sensitive and fastest researching mechanism recharges the battery just in 65 minutes up to its 100% capacity.

In the end, we recommend it for realtors due to their terms of activities and workload. So, take it and enjoy the endless featured performance.

Main Features

  • Intel Core i5-9300H processor
  • Up to8GB RAM
  • Storage capacity of512GB SSD
  • Full HD 15.6-inch display with 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU
  • Impressive battery timings up to 9 hours
  • Total weight 4.84 lbs
  • Reliable in all situations
  • Durable for years
  • Great keyboard and pad
  • Full range of connectivity
  • Long battery timings
  • Little heavy

4. Apple MacBook Pro 15

If you are a realtor and want to supersede the real estate market with technology then enhance your performance with the world’s best laptop Apple MackBook Pro 15. It is master for this specific purpose.

Like other Apple products, this is also built with a powerful and boosting computing combination that includes a Quad-core Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB SSD storage capacity. So, enjoy the uninterrupted performance while handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

 To show the performance on a bright screen the Apple MackBook Pro 15 is designed with 15.4 inches full HD display. You can enjoy the colorful and graced picture with powerful and sharp pixels and crystal clear resolution.

To maintain the easy portability of this unique machine, it is made thin and lightweight. It could be carried very conveniently while working with a client. Furthermore, the next good- well is its powerful battery that provides more than 8 hours of working time with a single charge. Also, to provide the users a full range of connectivity, Apple built it with 3 USB and 2 Thunderbolt ports

There are several connectivity options at your disposal in case you need to transfer files from your computer to an external device. These include USB 3 and Thunderbolt 2 ports. So, what are you looking for? Buy this multi-featured laptop of a top-class brand Apple and take your profession beyond the normality.

Main Features

  • Intel Quad-Core Core i7 Processor
  • Full HD 15.4 inches display
  • 16GB RAM
  • Mac OS operating system
  • Storage capacity up to 512 GB
  • More than 8 hours battery timings
  • pounds weight
  • Full HD display
  • Attractive and shinning design
  • Scratch-less construction
  • Remarkable battery life
  • Good connectivity rang
  • Durable and reliable for realtors
  • Costly and heavy

5. Acer Aspire 5 

If you want to use a resourceful GPU through different software then go for Acer Aspire 5. This is an amazing computing device that enhances productivity double to normal.

You can enjoy the turbo boosting speed up to 3.6 GHz through the Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor and 8 GB RAM but under the budget of 700 USA dollars. Also, its 512 GB SSD storage capacity provides more chances to store your important data and files.

It comes with a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX350 GPU. So, you can manage your graphics work with shiny and colorful imagery. The graphics come more attractive when appears over 15.6 inches full HD display. So, never miss the clarity of sight through its 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution.

As a realtor, you require to prepare multiple pictures and documents for your demanding job. That time you will love its backlit keyboard including a numeric keypad which is highly recommended for this type of activity. Also, it is easy to port at your real estate spot due to only 3.97 lbs weight and a thickness of 0.7.

When you look at its battery and connectivity ports both features are impressive. Its battery provides more than 9 hours of working time with a single charge and 1 USB 3.1 Type C ports, 2 USB 3.1 Type-A ports, 1 HDMI port, and 1 USB 2.0 port provide a vast range of connectivity.

So, you can make your work easy and fast by using this world’s best laptop. It is made for such types of works that a realtor requires.

Core Features

  • Intel Core i5-1035G1processor
  • Up to8GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD storage
  • Full HD15.6-inch display with 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX350 GPU
  • Up to 9 hours battery timings
  • 3.97 lbs weight
  • Excellent combination of hardware and software
  • SSD-based storage
  • Made to handle the multitasking
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Impressive battery
  • Underwhelming speed

6. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Touch Screen

Let us describe the world-leading and verified brand Microsoft product Surface Pro 7 Touch Screen. Doesn’t matter how much workload you have the Surface Pro 7 can perform well in all situations. This is a versatile machine that can be used as a laptop and tablet.

It is powerful as compared to other laptops in the market with the fastest computing system and huge storage that’s why we recommend it next to Apple MacBook Pro 15. Good battery timing and, more multitasking connections, and much port facility make this laptop perfect for realtors.

On the first look and use, you will say that is powerful compared to the previous model Surface Pro 6. The reason its advanced featured construction including 10th Gen Intel Core Processor, 8 GB RAM ad 256 GB flash solid-state memory.

On the display side, it is master with 12.3 Inches full HD screen which shows with 2736 x 1824 pixels resolutions.

Its advanced machined battery gives you a complete day working facility of up to 14 hours. So, enjoy the break fewer activities while working on a real estate project or dealing the clients. For connectivity requirements, it is attached to all main ports including, USB ports, Thunderbolt ports, webcam, and Mic. 

So, we advise you to never miss this special laptop if you want to enhance the advancement in your career as a realtor. Hopefully, it will never disappoint you during its use.

Main Features

  • 12.3 inches full HD screen (2736 x 1824) pixels
  • 10th Gen Intel Core Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 256 GB flash solid-state memory
  • More than 12 hours battery life
  • Windows 10 Home operating system
  • Lightweight with only 1.7 pounds weight and 12.74 x 9.09 x 1.91 inches dimension
  • 8 MP webcam
  • Full range of connectivity ports
  • Durable and reliable
  • Trusted with Microsoft brand tag
  • Portable with thin dimension and lightweight
  • Full-day battery timings
  • Fastest processing mechanism with powerful processor and RAM
  • Attractive with beautiful design in Matte Black color
  • Little bi expensive as compared to other brands

7. Huawei Mate Book X Pro

On last of our list is Mate Book X Pro made by Huawei. In the last 2 years, Huawei is a more famous brand on the globe due to their premium quality products under the affordable price range. The Mate Book X Pro is also their masterpiece induction in the laptop market.

Its features show that it is made for such types of tasks as realtors do in their profession. So, never miss a powerful computing machine with its 7th GenerationIntel Core i7 processor and8 GB RAM.

Also, you will enjoy your working time with a full HD picture on its 19.9 inches screen. Be ready to save much data with its bulky storage capacity of up to 512 GB SSD storage. It works through Windows 10 operating system and you can use it for a long time with more than 7 hours of battery timings. Also, its fastest charging system recharges it within 65 minutes up to 100% charge capacity.

Its only 2.31 pounds weight makes it portable to your working sites. Thus, take it and use it for more professional outputs throughout your real estate career.

Main Features

  • Attractive design
  • Innovative advanced cooling system
  • Full HD 13.9 inches crystal clear display
  • Provides Mate Dock 2 compact
  • one year Office365 facility
  • Powerful RAM up to 8GG
  • Massive storage 512GB SSD
  • Fastest computing mechanism with Window 10
  • Substantial battery life
  • Portable, reliable, durable, and affordable
  • According to some customers, it has battery issues


Through the above article, we try over best to evaluate our targeted laptops with their absolute features, specifications, pros, and cons. We scrutinized their processor speed, RAM, graphics, battery life, storage capacity, portability, affordability, and design. We also preferred the well-reputed, trusted, and world-leading brands in the laptop industry.

Resulting, we advise you to never miss them because these all are “the best laptop for realtors” to handle the real state works. Hopefully, our finalization and your selection will never disappoint you on the dealing spot.

We wish you the best of luck in your professional life, Cheer!

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